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Welcome to Mirage
- the home of Show-Winning Stainless Steel Engine Bays

Mirage is the original styling brand for Stainless Steel car parts, established over 20 years ago, providing the extra something that will transform your pride & joy into a show-winning, head-turner.

Our high-grade Stainless Steel is a beautiful, chrome-like finish for producing engine parts
- it's Rust-Proof and looks Gorgeous!

With over 500 mirror-finish stainless steel engine parts available, all hand made in our UK workshop by us, the Mirage brand has become synonymous with quality and now ships to over 15 countries around the world.

Most people do not realise the extent to which car manufacturers swapped & borrowed parts across production lines, especially with classic models. Lots of customers come to us frustrated with a totally unique set-up that they cannot find a part to fit; but Mirage can help! We understand that every vehicle is as unique as you are and we produce each part from scratch to fit your vehicle perfectly.

Because of the unique nature of each engine part we produce, we don't offer a 'click to buy' shop, so give us a call on 01469 540427 to have a chat about your specific vehicle and requirements.


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